AI-based Visual Inspection Automates Product Defect Detection

Quickly train and deploy AI models to automatically detect production defects—no technical expertise required.


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Start quickly with a guided user interface on Google Cloud or our API


Train high-precision, domain-specific AI models to detect the tiniest defects


Minimal labeling effort due to active learning; start with only a few defect images


Run prediction models at the production line through Docker containers


Visual Inspection AI demo video



Improve Production Quality with Visual Inspection AI






Run on-premises

Deploy high-performance inspection models at the network edge or on your factory floor.


Short time to value

Deliver significant ROI by reducing inspection costs, rework, and scrap and improving key quality metrics (e.g. escape rate, overkill rate, and yield).


Superior AI technology

Our top-ranked computer vision and machine learning technology lets you take on the most challenging inspection tasks.




Purpose-built, deep learning algorithm-based models for high-precision manufacturing inspection

Assembly inspection

Detects even the most subtle defects at various stages of the assembly process (wrong, misplaced, missing, rotated, or deformed components).


Assembly inspection

Cosmetic inspection

Locates even tiniest and most complex defects (dents, scratches, cracks, deformations, etc.) on any kind of surface.


Cosmetic inspection

Scale on-premises

Run models right on your shop floor with easily deployed Docker containers. Models are trained to meet your production quality requirements for escape and overkill rates.


Scale on-premises

Quick start capability

Start building models with only a few labeled images. Active learning will automatically suggest additional images for the operator to label and further improve the model’s performance.


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“We cannot wait to roll the Assembly Inspection solution further across our extensive PCB manufacturing operations.”





Explore common uses for Visual Inspection AI


Manufacturing inspection tasks

Visual Inspection AI has been purpose-built for the production environment and addresses a wide range of use cases across the automotive, electronics, semiconductor, and industrial sectors.


An animation showing how Visual Inspection AI works with cameras on the production line


Welding seam inspection

Automotive manufacturers use Visual Inspection AI to inspect robot-welded seams for anomalies at the most critical structural joints of the chassis.


Welding seam inspection


Mobile phone PCB inspection

Electronics manufacturers use Visual Inspection AI to simultaneously inspect dozens of individual components on high volume printed circuit boards (PCBs) to detect missing, misplaced, or damaged components, screws, springs, and soldering issues.


Mobile Phone Printed Circuit Board with many components


Silicon wafer defect analysis

Semiconductor manufacturers use Visual Inspection AI to detect and locate wafer defects, chip defects, or die cracks, smart glasses


Visual defect detection has traditionally been a costly and time-consuming operation. Now, by leveraging the immense power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, AI INSPECT from Mitutoyo allows everyday users to create simple, world-class defect detection solutions for visual inspection.

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