The improvement of the splendor industry has been elevated through the mixture of the primary choice of people to look lovely and the fashion of the age in which the down-getting old phenomenon is as a result of an getting old society. Previously, therapy, which has been supplied by using experts, has now expanded and changed its category into regular home care. Thus, pores and skin care devices became not unusual and widespread. Also, public interest has been focused on purposeful cosmetics together with whitening and wrinkling enhancements of a domestic care product. However, the results of validation of the effectiveness of practical additives and the usage of pores and skin care gadgets are uncommon.


Middle-elderly girls have been asked to use 3 mL of ampule containing niacinamide 2% and adenosine 0.04% to the face twice a day, once in the morning and the opposite within the evening, for 4 weeks. air brush The control organization (C) was asked to use the use of fingers at the same time as the experimental group (E) become asked to apply the use of airbrush.