Everything you need to know about Zeolite Powder


  • Australian Organic Certified Zeolite is very natural as it is 100% zeolite, made out of 85% clinoptilolite and 15% mordenite that are each recognized as safe, solid, therapeutic zeolites. It additionally incorporates strains of quartz, feldspar and montmorillonite within the mordenite.
  • Other zeolites are not as pure and might incorporate only about sixty five% – seventy five% zeolite fabric along with heulandite and stilbite which aren’t strong. The last mineral fabric is mostly a aggregate of clays, feldspar and quartz.
  • Australian Organic Certified zeolite australia does no longer want “cleansing” or “sanitizing” to make it pure as any dissolved salts which had been gift were eliminated obviously through time. Australian zeolite has had masses of time as it is 300 million years vintage in comparison to zeolites from other countries that are only about sixty five to 100 million years antique.(4) If a supplier states that their “natural” zeolite desires cleaning it is most possibly a younger zeolite.
  • It isn’t always necessary to remove heavy metals from zeolite to make certain purity as any heavy metals the zeolite may additionally comprise are completely bonded and can’t be released into the frame. The most effective manner to remove heavy metals from zeolite is to smash its shape, making it not a zeolite.
  • It is likewise not necessary to remove heavy metals from zeolite to make enough room for in addition uptake of toxic depend. To say in any other case is false advertising.




  • Clinoptilolite has a completely high diploma of balance(1) and so does mordenite(2) making Australian Organic Certified Zeolite a very strong zeolite.


  • Heulandite and stilbite are unstable (1, 3) and so are many others, another motive to observe the mineral make up of a zeolite earlier than determining to take it.


  • Age is a factor in stability. Australian Organic Certified Zeolite is mined from what is notion to be one of the oldest industrial deposits inside the international.


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