Extraordinary Books for Mother’s Day

I treasure  books for mom  our minutes together. At the point when she isn’t with me, I consider the cheerful times – – when we would go to parks or when I would rest on a bed covered by her sari. Mother’s Day is about associations, and we give you books that flash the profound associations that we make as Indian mums and youngsters, regardless of where we might reside on the planet!


This delightful picture book by Niyatee Sharma is about a mother and her girl who take a nature trail. Each progression of the nature trail, they talk about what the kid needs to be. The youngster fabricates little designs with sticks, an excellent freestyle it is open-finished and imaginative to construct that. She sees an ant colony dwelling place and her mom tells her she can be an engineer and configuration fine structures. “Do you realize insects are the most astounding planners of nature?” she says. The mother and youngster go through trees, lakes, fields and they see all types of nature. As indicated by the writer, the thought behind the book was to take motivation and hints from nature about what they can decide to do or accomplish with their lives. This truly radiates through in the book!




Composed by Rabindranath Tagore, this is a charming sonnet about an enticing youngster solicitations, rather remaining with her mom at recess, happy in her organization. Words are woven with extraordinary delicacy by the best writer, all things considered, a delicate refrain for every one of the little ones! Try not to miss different books by Gurudev here.


Little Bose is captivated with his mom and her lovely sparkly nose ring! one day the nose gem disappears from his mom’s face leaving little Bose sorrowful! His mom observes the nose gem again for Little Bose and some way or another it looks greater, better, and shinier this time! The story brings a look into the existence of Little Bose and his family who live in a tranquil town, in Southern India.

The book investigates the mother-kid bond and the basic yet strong love a kid holds for his mom.

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