Whether your daughter is moving to college or she is just starting college, here are the basics of what you need for her room. A dorm room isn’t a complete home yet, but it does come with a bed and closet. The next few things to buy for her room will make her feel more comfortable and give you peace of mind knowing that she is safe and protected. These items are also inexpensive and will go a long way towards making your girl feel more comfortable during her time at college.

A mug is a basic must-have. Your girl will love the convenience of a mug when it’s time to prepare her morning breakfast. She’ll want something big enough to hold her hot chocolate, cereal, or tea. You can also get a plate, fork, and knife. The last thing she needs is a glass water bottle. Many colleges and universities have gone green, and a glass water bottle is a great option.

A good mug is another must-have item for your girl. She can drink hot coffee or hot soup in it, so it’s best to get one that’s large enough for her to hold food. A second mug can serve as a study pillow when she’s not in the mood to cook. A reusable glass water bottle is a smart choice, and most colleges are now going green. It’s easy to keep clean and sanitary, and has a protective silicone slee to keep it from breaking.

A mug is an essential for a dorm. It’s important to get a large mug for soup, cereal, or tea, but a smaller mug for tea or cocoa would be nice. Other essentials for your girl’s dorm room include a plate, fork, and knife. A glass water bottle is a good idea, too. Many colleges are going green and implementing policies to reduce waste and reduce environmental impact, so you’ll be more environmentally conscious than ever.

A good backpack is another essential for college life. A good backpack can be handy for carrying books and other supplies. A large mug is great for coffee and tea, but a smaller one is great for coffee. And don’t forget to buy a mug that’s big enough for soup. And don’t forget a washcloth for your bathroom. A soft towel will make your girl feel more comfortable while she’s away from home.

While you can always buy a new mug, it’s better to invest in a high-quality one that comes with a high price tag. A mug should be large enough for soup, cereal, or even cocoa. Some readers recommend adding a plate, knife, and a glass water bottle. While many colleges are going green, it’s important to buy a reusable glass water bottle to save space on your desk.

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