Siding Replacement: Enhance Your Property’s Ventilation & Insulation

Our Siding Replacement services are commonly called upon for strata property building owners. Whether due to an aging structure, the elements taking a toll, or multiple other factors – it is a timely necessity for buildings across the Lower Mainland.
However, beyond aesthetics and safety repair concerns, there are also benefits to replacing a structure’s siding. These include, but are not limited to – optimal ventilation and insulation results, as well as waterproofing.
Enhance Your Property’s Ventilation & Insulation Through Siding Replacement
Waterproofing tops the list when it comes to siding replacement across the Lower Mainland.
However, a building’s ventilation and insulation are also imperative factors regarding the ‘health status’ of a building’s envelope.
Siding replacement assists in preventing air permeation, which results in the air quality of a structure. As well, it impacts heat transfer – both from outside and inside, which is an important energy factor to consider; increasing or decreasing energy costs for the occupant’s accordingly.

The insulation system, which is included in the walls, roof, windows and crawl spaces – ensures each part of the structure works in unison for optimal interior conditions.
Hiring a Building Envelope Consultant can help with this. They will oversee that the right materials are being used for your Fraser Valley Siding Replacement project, and every layer that entails.
Kallio Restoration is a building envelope restoration contractor servicing Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. We specialize in the exterior restoration, repair, and maintenance of multi-family Strata units.
Our Siding Installation & Replacement services include a variety of exterior siding materials such as…
• Stucco siding
• Sheet metal siding
• Vinyl siding
Siding Company
• Cedar siding
• Fibre Cement (Hardie, Allura) siding
Hiring the Right Team for the Job
Whether your residential strata building requires a new siding installation, or it requires the removal and replacement of your existing siding, Kallio Restoration has a team of experts who can ensure high-craftsmanship and timely delivery for your project. We’ll work with you thoroughly, ensuring your needs are discussed and met, while providing your residential building a well-protected barrier and beautiful finish.
Curious to know more? Feel free to contact us with your questions regarding your Fraser Valley Siding Replacement, or any of the additional services we provide, including…
• Complete Building Envelope Restoration
• Targeted Repairs
• Building Envelope Assessment & Reporting
• Rot Repair
• Window & Door Replacement
• Membrane Replacement and Deck Repairs
We look forward to addressing your concerns.