Standard Chartered Bank UAE

Remarking on the confirmation, Rola Abu Manneh,  Standard Chartered Bank UAE    Chief Executive Officer of Standard Chartered UAE, said: “It is with incredible pride that we get this lofty accreditation, filling in as additional demonstration of our immovable obligation to foster a more comprehensive, evenhanded, and positive working environment climate. Being Great Place to Work-Certified™ is a distinction as we continue in the strides of Standard Chartered’s confirmed worldwide business sectors and in acknowledgment of the trust our representatives have in the Bank. Our labor force is the foundation of this association, and we will keep on putting resources into and support their own and proficient development as a feature of our image reason to be Here for good.”


The Bank presented a few drives and assets in the UAE to guarantee a comprehensive labor force, these incorporate expanding maternity pass on days from 90 schedule days to 140 schedule days and furnishing associates with emotional well-being support during the pandemic as tool stash and workshops.



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