What is an energy performance certificate?

In most instances, how vintage your home is and the way it turned into constructed goes to be the restricting trouble for your EPC score. Old houses with conventional stable walls, uninsulated roofs and advanced flooring won’t rating very rather at the EPC, so insulating those regions of your own home wherein feasible also can have a large immoderate great impact. The type and age of the residence may even weigh into any assumptions the EPC assessor has to make, and the entire ground area is used to find out how a exquisite deal gasoline is ate up regular with rectangular metre.


Primary and secondary warmth deliver, controls

Bar warmth pumps, electric powered warmers almost continuously get penalized on EPCs. So, in case you’re currently the usage of plug-in electric powered radiators or fan heaters as a secondary warmth source, take them out!


Home insulation

The extra insulation, the higher. If there’s no insulation, you turns into being penalized to your EPC score. It’s a extraordinary concept to have insulation in all the main cavities to decorate your EPC rating. Additionally, loft insulation ought to be crowned as lots as 270mm thick consistent with up to date Building Regulations.


Energy saving mild bulbs

The EPC assessor will need to test out each room within the residence to find out how lots of your lighting are strength-green. There’s a good sized fashion of those bulbs available in the marketplace, superb of all being LED lighting designed for the house. EPC Assessor UK The initial charge of an LED is slightly more than an normal halogen bulb, however converting the lights in your home with greater inexperienced ones is in all likelihood the cheapest and fastest techniques to enhance your house’s performance.



The more glazing you’ve got to your private home home windows, the higher your EPC rating can be. Single glazing doesn’t offer as a first-rate deal safety as double glazing, and at instances, triple glazing may be an alternative. However, the in advance cost wants to be weighed up in opposition to how this will impact your EPC score.

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