New Orleans Cocktail Tours

The city of New Orleans is the perfect place to take a cocktail tour. You can explore the French Quarter while sipping your favorite concoction and learning about its history. The city is famous for its Sazerac, the official cocktail of the city. Other popular cocktails in New Orleans include the Ramos Gin Fizz and the Vieux Carre, a concoction of whiskey and brandy. The Red Hurricane is one of the city’s most famous and tasty cocktails.

If you’re looking for a New Orleans cocktail tour, there are several options.

Tales of the Cocktail on Tour: This tour features three stops in New Orleans, each featuring a cocktail. The tour also includes a stop at a wine shop, where you can purchase more alcohol and snacks. All tours require you to be 21 years or older, and your photo ID must be valid. Gratuities are not included, but may be added at the end of the event. You should always have a valid photo ID with you, as many tours do not provide the correct identification.

Ghost Tours of New Orleans: The Ghost Tours of New Orleans do not include any cocktails, but they do encourage guests to buy drinks at bars along the way. They are still a fun night out with very few negative reviews. Most guests say that their ghosts do not exist, but they have a great time on the tour. The historic aspect of the tour is highly praised and there is no consistent evidence of paranormal activity. Although there are a few bad reviews, most people report that the tour is a fun experience and that they enjoyed it. The ghost tour is not a problem for many of the guests who take this tour.

If you are not interested in ghost tours, you can try out other options. The Ghost Tours of New Orleans do not include any cocktails, but they do include southern cuisine. Most guests report that they have a good time on the tour, but it lacks any paranormal activity. On the other hand, most of the guests say that the tour is a good time and that it is full of interesting historical information. Despite the lack of paranormal activity, the ghost tours are still worth taking a trip.

Regardless of whether you’re a local or a visitor to New Orleans, a cocktail tour is sure to be a great time. While some tours don’t include cocktails, most guests report that the drinks are well-mixed and tasted. The city’s unique architecture is a great background for a cocktail tour, and you can find many different places to sample it. For example, you can go to the Old Quarter to enjoy the food and drink.

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