Is AkioSurvey an Online Survey Tool?

If you’re looking for an online survey tool, you’ve likely already heard of AkioSurvey. This website offers a variety of features to suit different types of surveys. Its user-friendly interface is accompanied by a variety of customizable templates and question types. The website’s 14 question types include multiple choice, text box, essay, and matrix of choices questions. You can also choose to make certain questions mandatory or optional.

There are three different packages offered by AkioSurvey. The first package is free of charge, while the latter two require a monthly fee. The Professional package includes custom graphical design, respondent identification, and no ads on the response page. The third package includes features such as password protection, email customer support, and response exports. The last one offers respondent identification. All three packages are suited for any type of survey, whether it’s a survey for a business or a personal use.

The Professional package includes features such as respondent identification, brand logo in the survey header, and deactivation of the AkioSurvey label. The application is designed for mobile devices and supports both public and private surveys. All data submitted by respondents is confidential and never given to third parties. Similarly, it doesn’t aggregate the data. It’s easy to use, and offers a variety of features that make it the perfect online survey tool.

The Professional package provides features that make designing surveys easy. It lets you change the look and feel of your survey. Using your brand logo in the header helps you to brand yourself and increase your brand recognition. Users can also create surveys for private or public use. The application also offers security for the information they provide. The company never sells or aggregates respondents’ data. The Professional package comes with a number of features that are worth considering.

The Professional package provides an array of benefits to survey companies. A customized interface allows you to change the layout of the survey. You can even upload a company logo into the header, which gives you a professional-looking online presence. Its multilingual support ensures that your surveys are well-done and your audience will feel comfortable with your content. Aside from a comprehensive survey tool, AkioSurvey offers many other advantages.

Creating an online survey with AkioSurvey is easy. Its 14 question types and subtypes are easy to use and allow you to tailor the survey to your needs. The platform has a variety of features, such as Skip Logic and Custom Survey URLs. It also allows you to create a poll for your audience. Afterwards, the survey will be shared with your chosen respondents.

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