Physiotherapy is the process of treating physical ailments. Physiotherapists use a variety of techniques to help patients achieve their physical wellness goals. They will assess the condition of the body to determine which treatment is most appropriate. Some of the common exercises used in physiotherapy include walking, bending, and other activities. During a first appointment, your physiotherapist will discuss the most effective exercises and movements for your particular condition. During subsequent visits, you’ll perform these activities as prescribed by your therapist.

Physiotherapists use a wide range of methods to help their patients. They use different techniques to treat a variety of conditions. Massage is a type of soft tissue therapy that helps patients reduce pain and increase circulation. Joint manipulation and mobilization are two common techniques used in physiotherapy. These techniques improve joint function and reduce pain. Physiotherapy instruments use handcrafted tools to stimulate the muscles and joints. Minimal energy stretches and massage are also used in physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy is a multi-disciplinary approach. The main focus is on restoring the mobility of injured body parts. In addition, they may prescribe exercises for patients to practice at home. In addition to physical exercises, physiotherapists may utilize other equipment or techniques to improve the condition. For instance, they may use ultrasound or infrared heat as treatments. This type of therapy can help patients manage inflammation and pain. Many physiotherapists also include acupuncture and kinesiology treatments.

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